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General Questions

What is the FatCow Reseller Program?

The FatCow Reseller Program is designed around the needs of anyone who wants to earn revenue by selling Web-site services. Upon registration in the program, each reseller receives generous discounts on FatCow Web hosting, domain registration, search engine submissions and more! This robust program gives you a powerful reseller console that manages every aspect of your clients' accounts, including billing, products, and domains. As a reseller, you'll receive priority support so your questions get answered quickly.

What are the responsibilities of the reseller?

As a reseller, you are responsible for billing and providing technical support to any client you sign up.

What restrictions do I have as a reseller?

To become a reseller, you must agree to FatCow's Terms of Service. The restrictions described within the terms of service are applicable to each of your clients.

Do resellers receive a discount on FatCow products and services?

Yes. FatCow gives each reseller a generous discount on our products and services. These discounts are only available for purchases made through your reseller console.

How much money can I make as a reseller?

FatCow does not restrict the amount of money you can make as a reseller. This program allows you to resell the available FatCow products and services at whatever rate you desire. You are responsible for paying FatCow for the services that you purchase at the discounted prices.

What features are available to the reseller?

Each reseller receives the following features as part of the reseller program:

  • Dramatic discounts on plans
  • Instant set-up on all plans
  • Discounted domain registrations
  • Discounts starting with the first resold account
  • Priority reseller support for fast answers
  • Powerful reseller console for comprehensive account management
  • Billing manager for each of your resold accounts
  • One-click login for easy account management

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Billing Questions

Who is responsible for billing the end customer?

As a reseller, you are entirely responsible for the billing of each of your clients. FatCow will bill your credit card on the due date for each of your clients.

Does FatCow provide bulk billing?

No. At this time, FatCow does not provide bulk billing. You will be charged at the end of the billing cycle for each of your clients.

What types of payments does FatCow accept?

FatCow only accepts credit card payments for resold accounts.

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Will I get a notice when my accounts are due to be billed?

FatCow provides a notification 30 days prior to the renewal date of annual and semi-annual accounts only. Because all renewal information is available in the reseller console, we do not issue notifications for monthly or quarterly accounts.

How do I cancel an account?

To cancel an account, please call our Support Team and they will cancel the account at the end of the current billing period.

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Support Questions

What is the support policy for resellers?

Resellers are responsible for providing technical support for their clients. If FatCow receives any communication from a client of a reseller, the The Moo Crew representative will defer that issue to the actual reseller.

What type of support do I receive as a reseller?

FatCow provides resellers priority support for the fastest response possible.

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